Blank Spaces

It takes time

To write things

Seven years

After you open

Your account

Yet no savings!!

Life has its

Own ledger

And passbook

Imprints may

Not be always

Words for the

Press or Suckmed.


Are left at times

With punctuation

Markers all strewn

Around in a hodgepodge.

All sound and fury

And only only

Whimpers at the end

Like a dog maimed

By some cruel driver.

Is it true that every

Dog has its day?

Foxes and donkeys

Would like to

Open a new

Chapter on Taxonomy

If given the choice.

Ultimately , as the

Poet long ago said

If you think Lilimai

There is Nothing

At the end of

This life. You

may agree to

Disagree to

An extent, sulking

And stroking

the dry leftover

Hairs on your

Bald head. But

that’s it. Nothing

More nothing Less.

Why then ,why then

these mayhems ??

In the name of


Perhaps the wheel

is yet to

Gravitate on it’s

Axis for a change.

Till then continue

This arduous

, Perilous journey

Not with hopelessness

But with the lights

Lit in your eyes!!